Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Rest of the Gang

I'd thought I'd introduce the rest of the gang that's going to be part of the little one's life. This first picture is my mom with my nephew Lucas. Lucas doens't look like that as much any more. He looks more like a little boy than a baby. We went on a family cruise last year and this picture was taken in Antigua. This was one of my mom's favourite islands. We had such a blast on that trip! We plan on doing many more family trips once the little one is here. The next picture is of my sister Isabel and my brother in law Mark, Isabel is very worried about sun saftey, hence the slathering of sunscreen on Mark's back. This picture was also taken on our family trip, this one was in St. Marteen. I think that was the most relaxing day that we had. These are just a couple of the excited family members anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new family member.

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