Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Second meeting tomorrow

Tomorrow we have our second meeting with Deborah. I'm back to feeling very nervous again. Tomorrow she's coming to our home to take a look around. I was reading on someone's website that today was their "Gotcha Day". It was so sweet seeing all the babies with their new forever families.

I've been reading "The Lost Daughters of China", I think I mentioned that before. It's such a tragic read. I never realized how brutal things were for women and little girls. It's really opened my eyes to the other side. I've been thinking a lot now of the birth parents and thie decision to let go of their daughter for whatever reason, whether it's because of the pressures to have a boy or just not being able to afford a child I can't even imagine what that must be like to give up a child that you carried for 9 months and in some cases even lived with. There are such fundmental difference in the way east vs. west way of thinking. It's hard to describe the feeling that out of this horrible situation we will be getting our daughter.

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