Saturday, October 07, 2006

Birthday Milestones

Today we were priveleged enough to help two wonderful people celebrate their birthday milestones. The first was my best friend's daughter who turned 5 and the other was a very dear friend of ours, Jeff, who turned, well, not 5.

I remember when Latila was pregnant and how I was looking forward to becoming an "auntie". She has such a sweet and beautiful girl who I know is looking forward to becoming a cousin to the baby.

Jeff was the best man at our wedding, a very sweet and gentle soul. Even though he made us go to a sports bar to watch the Maple Leafs loose, I still had a great time.

This picture I have to explain. Jeff and Brian were comparing their bald spots so I dared them to let me take a picture of them to compare and they did. Silly boys, didn't they know I'd put it on my blog?

Happy birthday both of you, we love you very much.


Anonymous said...

That is a great bald picture. You guys might need this book-

Jeff said...

thanks guy's. I didn't know you had a blog at the time.