Tuesday, January 02, 2007

How we spent New Year's Day

Watching a hockey game, how else? Actually it was a lot of fun. Shelley and Harold got priveleged access to a hockey game and let us tag along. Of course Shawn was in heaven watching his beloved Leafs actually win a game. I tried doing this cool interactive slide show but it didn't work so I've reverted to the old fashioned way. Here's a few highlights from the game.

The Leafs warming up

The face off

The action starts

The scrap

Shawn and his sushi

and us!


Mark & Michelle said...

Hey - where is your Leaf's shirt?

Those are some good pictures - you must have had decent seats!!

Kristine and Shawn said...

Now THAT would have been fun!! To see the Leafs win, my Shawn loves them too!!!!!!!!