Friday, February 16, 2007

Secret Buddy Strikes Again

On Wednesday I had more train issues. Instead of getting into work late, I got home late. Not good as I hate coming home late. We walked in the door almost an hour late. It really throws off our evening when this happens. To top it all off it was a snowy cold day as we had just been pounded by a winter storm. As I found Shawn in the parking lot amongst the other cars waiting for their passengers I saw that there was a box in the front seat. My Secret Buddy's package had arrived and the timing was perfect as always.

This month's theme was 'Happy head, hands and feet'. My SB sent us the cutest booties to keep the baby's feet toasty warm in the winter months, a kit full of hair accessories (I don't think I'll have to buy stuff for a while), a couple of nail clippers, a book about Chinese New Year and feet and hand impression stickers for a scrapbook. She was so sweet she even included a little love bug with candies for Shawn and I. As always, it came in the cutest bag with pink and red hearts all over the place.

Thank you so much! You rock!


Mark & Michelle said...

Looks like you got another great secret buddy gift!!

Hopefully you will be using the items sooner rather then later...

Anonymous said...

You hit the jackpot with your secret pal! Great gifts!


Doris & Dan said...

Cute gifts!

Great SP!

Keep smilin!