Monday, March 12, 2007

Ride for Heart

Many of you know that my mom passed away as a result of a heart attack last fall. She is not the first person I've lost to heart disease. My uncle and brother were also victims of heart disease. I've lost too many people in too short a time frame. I feel that I need to do something so Shawn and I will be participating in this year's Ride for Heart on behalf of the Heart and Stroke Foundation which will take place June 3, 2007.

One in three Canadian deaths annually are attributed to heart disease and stroke. Shawn and I are working to help reduce the threat of these diseases by participating in the 20th annual Becel Heart&Stroke Ride for Heart. Through this event, we are raising pledges to fund the life-saving research and education programs supported by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. We hope to raise $2,000 for the foundation.

I've posted a button under our picture which will take you to our personal donation page if you would like to make an online donation for this very worthy cause.

I now also have 2.5 months to get ready physically for the 25 km ride. The biking isn't so bad, it's the tushie I have issues with. After half an hour on my bike, it's all I can do to just walk never mind bike 25 km. I'm going to have to invest in a good pair of padded bike shorts. I do have a gel seat but it starts to feel like a plastic seat after a while.

Thanks in advance for all your support.


redmaryjanes said...

I am getting your quilt square in the mail tomorrow! I'm sorry that I'm so late with it..
For some reason I thought I sent it.

Mark & Michelle said...

Donation - Check!!

I SO hear you about the butt!! That is the worst part!

I too have lost too many from Heart & Stroke.

Thank you for participating and raising money!

Good Luck to you!!

Rhonda said...

What a wonderful thing you're doing. When I was a teenager I used to canvass for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I too have lost too many family members to heart attacks and heart disease.

Best of luck in the ride!

Doris & Dan said...

Good for you! I admire that you are helping to find a resolution to an awful disease.

Keep smilin!

Stacy said...

What a great thing to do!

The sore butt from biking is the worst! Good Luck!!

Mark & Terri said...

Thanks for the opportunity to help! I don't think my body even remembers how to ride a bike. Good luck with you goal - I hope you exceed it!

Janet said...

I hope your butt isn't too sore....:-) At least no spider is biting it....LOL! Seriously though, a VERY worthy cause, I hope you do very well!

LIZ said...

What a wonderful way to give back and support research. I have about an 18 year history of working in a Coronary Care Unit and have seen all too many people affected by this disease...good for you!

Kristine and Shawn said...

Good On You!!!! We will support you for sure!! My "Granny" seat helps a little but just getting on that bike and getting used to it is the best medicine for the pain!!!

Natolino said...

Good for you and Shawn....what a way to honour your mom, uncle, brother and many others!

Michelle said...

I too lost my Mother due to heart disease. I will be donating, but it will have to wait until I get paid next week.