Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ten Memories

I've been tagged by Katie to write about 10 childhood memories so here we go!

1. Sitting with my grandma outside in the backyard as she taught my sister and I how to knit and crochet. Don't ask me how to do any of that now because I've forgotten everything.

2. On hot summer days, the kids in the 'hood would gather round with water balloons and spray water bottles soaking everyone to try and cool down.

3. Sitting in the basement with my brother and sister in the summer playing school with them. I was the teacher and they were my students. We hung out in the basement because we didn't have air conditioning and the basement was the coolest place to hang out.

4. When we first moved to Canada, we lived in a very small apartment above a restaurant in the downtown core. The hallway was so narrow, I was able to climb the walls, literally. I placed my feet and hands against the walls and crawled up. I remember being very excited when I discovered I could do that.

5. We didn't have a lot of money when we arrived here so one of my cousins who was very handy built a bike for my sister and I to share. I remember learning to ride on that little bike and taking many tumbles, especially the ones into the prickly bushes. I'm surprised I don't have more scars than I do.

6. Waking up early to go to Wasaga beach and spending the whole day there with my family, cousins, aunt and uncle. In those days nobody worried about uv rays so my sister and I would come home burnt to a crisp. If you compared us to a tomato you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

7. Spending endless Saturday afternoons at the public library. I was always a big reader, especially as a kid and going to the library was always a treat because that meant that I could go and take out books.

8. Looking through the latest Consumers Distributing magazine and dreaming of all the toys I wish I could get.

9. Going to the airport. I use to love as a kid going to the airport, especially when someone was coming home.

10. When my parents would play the traditional Spanish music (flamenco to be exact) and we would all start dancing around the living room pretending we had our castanets and dresses.

If you've managed to get through my list, considered yourself tagged!


Stacy said...

This is a great list. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's memories.

I would love to see a picture of you climbing the walls in the hallway. :)

Mark & Michelle said...

Those sound so great!! I wrote about memories too and it was a fun post to write!