Saturday, August 04, 2007

All about me *Update*

I saw this on K1's blog and decided I had to try I myself. I think this is pretty accurate.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

"ISFJs are traditional, loyal, quiet and kind. They are very sensitive to other people's needs because they are very observant. They have rich inner thoughts and emotions. They value stability and cultural norms. They are very adept at giving attention to detail. They do not seek positions of authority."

I'm not sure about the rich inner thoughts though, I think half the time they're a jumbled mess.

I'll have to get Shawn to do this when he's up.

Here's Shawn's profile (I've removed Shawn's graph because it keeps reverting to mine. I don't quite know why but here's his info below).

Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking Perceiving.

"ESTPs are action-loving, "here and now" realists with excellent people skills. Informal, risk-taking, fast-paced and adaptable, they are not always in agreeance with rules and regulations. They are tactical problem solvers that desire quick results. ESTPs, who present a friendly and enthusiastic face, are straightshooters that are able to handle criticism."

I guess opposites do attract.


Two Kayaks said...

That totally suits you, Dolores! You, like me, live a whole life in your head sometimes, right? You cannot tell me that you haven't had massive arguments with a certain woman in your head? LOL

kris said...

I had to do the Myer's Brigg prior to marraige.. it was part of our pre-marriage counseling in church.
The big test takes almost an hour to complete, it was fascinating.

I'm an INFJ, pretty similar! Though the J has changed, which they say is very common when you go through traumatic change. I am no longer on time for anything! (Used to be EARLY).

kris said...

I just took this version of it and I'm still and INFJ- though the J is at 52% now instead of almost 100!

Rosie said...

Have a blog for Dove please check it out

Janet said...

Now I'm curious about mine...I might just try this!

A Special Family said...

hhmm...I may have to do this one!

Stacy said...

My test looks almost exactly like Shawn's. I thought this was interesting.

Mark & Michelle said...

Must go and take a look!