Monday, August 11, 2008

Big Bike 2008

Did you know that heart and stroke disease is the number one cause of death among women?

This year I wasn't able to do the Ride for Heart because they didn't offer it in this city. I felt really bad about missing it as heart and stroke research has been a big thing for me.

I did find out though that through work, we are going to participate in the Big Bike. If you would like to sponsor me, just click on my makeshift icon on the left. I will again be riding in my mom's memory along with a few dozen of my coworkers this Friday.

Thank you in advance.


Mark said...

What icon on the left? I am so not bloggy savvy!!! I want to donate e-mail me the info and I'll send out a cheque!!!

How all is well!!

Rhonda said...

Done! Good luck.

Michelle said...

I will totally sponsor you. I just have to wait till payday, ok? :)

My mom had 7 heart attacks before she died. I wish I lived closer so I could ride.