Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's going on?

Not much and a lot. Here's the condensed version.

  • This weekend we celebrated my sister's birthday. We took her out for and the boys out for lunch then had cupcakes for dessert. Mark was working so he couldn't join us.
  • We were lucky enough to experience a real Chinook this weekend. The temperature went up to 16C on Sunday, unheard of in January. Unfortunately, winter has come back with a vengeance, today we hit about -20C.
  • We have 42 more days to go before we go on vacation to...Hawaii. I can't wait to go somewhere warm. See above bullet.
  • As a result of said trip, I've been looking for sun dresses and slip on shoes. I didn't realize how difficult they'd be to find at this time of the year.
  • Our renovations are done. We didn't do them ourselves so it months to get done. Just the nature of the labour market out here. At least it's done.
  • According to my Wii Fit, I've lost 3 pounds. We don't have a scale so I will take what the Wii Fit says. This makes me happy.
  • We heard some friends are planning a visit in June. So excited to have someone visit.
  • I haven't been sleeping well lately. Does anybody have tips for a light sleeper?
  • Looks like referrals are out, possibly two days worth. The only reason I'm excited is because they will be getting their referral.
  • Congratulations to our neighbours down south on your new President, these are exciting times. Now if only the Canadian politicians could take a cue.
That's all I have for now.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss you.

Michelle said...

I am a terrible, high maintenace sleeper. I can't fall asleep, and then once I do I can't STAY asleep either. Ugh. Two things that I have found helpful are earplugs and a sleeping mask. That way noises don't bother me and neither does my husband getting up in the middle of the night turning on the light to go to the bathroom. I may look funny, but at least I am well rested!
Also, an occasional Ambien for those insomnia nights works wonders.

Good luck!

3D said...

Happy Birthday I!


See above...

Try you can order stuff from their summer/spring line.

Good stuff!

See above...

Nice...and have you given any further thought to May...I am just putting it out there....

Eye mask...white noise

Barf but it is great for those who are seeing their little ones.

Obama rocks!!

Keep smilin!

P.S. Miss you too..I tried to Skype you but no answer...miss chatting with you.

M and M said...

Hold on just a second...who is having a birthday? I am confused.

The summer stuff will start coming out real soon and there will be lots of selections.

Great job on 3 pounds.

White noise machine.

I am not answering these in order.

I just figured out the birthday thing...

Who is visiting in June??

Michele said...

Online for the sundress is your only hope.

Try Tylenol PM for a couple of days to see if you can get out of your non-sleeping funk. For me, I'd need to have a little one stop crawling into our bed in the middle of the night to have any chance at a good night's sleep.

The idea of Hawaii is heaven. I'm jealous.

Catherine said...

Hawaii? Yahoo! Hope you're able to find the sundresses you're looking for!

Happy to hear your renos are done. They're tough to get through but worth it in the end.

Kayce said...

Tylenol PM is the bomb! But I think your trip to Hawaii will cure all sleep aliments. Congrats on the 3 pounds!