Sunday, May 24, 2009

About Jinx

Here are some things I've learned about Jinx in the month she's been home with us:

  • Jinx has a great disposition. She hardly barks and the whining has become almost non-existant.
  • She loves people and other dogs. Her little bum starts going crazy wagging her tail and all she wants to do is give puppy kisses.
  • She's one smart cookie. We've been teaching her to sit, go down, stay and shake. She does well so long as there are no distractions. We now have to train her with distractions.
  • Jinx will put anything in her mouth, including rabbit poop. This has resulted in Jinx getting a parasite that made her tummy upset. Nothing to be concerned about, it's already gone through her system.
  • When we first got Jinx, she weighed in at 6 kilos/13 pounds. This week she got weighed again. She now weighs 8.9 kilos/19.6 pounds. She's not going to be a lap dog for much longer.
  • When she sleeps she snores.
  • Jinx gets the hiccups after eating. Apparently that's normal in puppies.
  • She's getting better at walking. She use to whine the entire time. Now she whines when she's thirsty or tired.
  • I can't imagine her not being part of our life now.


3D said...

Such a cutie!

Trust me...doggie snoring never goes away.

Enjoy the puppy is the best!

Keep smilin!

Juliette said...

She sounds like a lovely puppy (even if she snores). Glad she has you and you have her!

M and M said...

She is super cute! I am glad that you are enjoying her!

Rhonda said...

Wow! She's getting so big!

Lisa said...

Awww she's soooo cute. Kaileigh and Sienna both agreed when they saw her picture. Now Kaileigh really, really wants a puppy.

Janet said...

My kids have been begging me for a puppy or kitten. SURE! THEY ARE A LOT OF WORK! They don't believe me, and I won't be getting one soon to test that theory! LOL!

Jinx is ADORABLE! She sounds like such a smart baby too!

Kathy and Joel said...

I Just want to snuggle right up to her and love on here a little. Okay...a LOT!
Super cute. No wonder you are so in love with her. :)

Kristy said...

She's growing so much because she is being loved so much!!

Love, Kristy

Kayce said...

Oh and she's just tooooo cute!! My pups snore too, very loudly. So glad you guys are enjoying having her bring you lots of joy.