Monday, January 04, 2010

My Ideal Craft Room

A few months ago I started taking up various crafts to keep myself entertained. My "craft room" is in my basement that is cold and not finished. I share it with the washing machine/dryer, furnace, bikes, Shawn's golf clubs and hockey equipment, etc.

The desk that my sewing machine sits on is an old desk given to me by my sister and it has no storage. I had to buy a plastic drawer container to store some of my items. I have another table I use to measure and cut fabric. This is an old desk one of my work colleagues sold me after I mentioned how my back was hurting from cutting fabric on the floor. The desk has only one drawer, one very small drawer. I have a couple of make shift shelves that hold my fabric/sewing supplies and scrapbooking supplies. I don't have any place to do my scrapbooking. So I think I need yet another table for that. I have some boxes that hold miscellaneous stuff like ribbon, scraps of fabric, etc.

I've done some searches online to see what others have done with regards to craft room organization. Here are some great craft rooms that make me drool.

This one has great storage and surface space. Just love it. This one has so much storage, it's amazing. I wish I had room for this.

Maybe one day.


Anonymous said...

There are magazines that just profile pics of craft rooms. I have been dreaming myself. Also, there is some scrappy mag that does a pictorial of a craft room each month.

Kayce said...

yesterday I received a beautiful dress that I'm sure was made in your craft room! THANK YOU!!!! What a treasure. I can not wait to put our gal in it's cuteness and send you a picture. Thank you Dolores!

Michele said...

I'm right there with you though I do everything on the dining room table and have to put it away before Jammer comes home so that little hands don't get into anything. One day I too will have a place just for me and my crafts.

Creating Keepsakes is the mag that features folks craft rooms. I don't know if other mags do. You can probably see some of the rooms featured on their website.

And we received our new dress too. It is adorable and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Michael and Tammy said...

OMG those are amazing - we just finished our basement and I made myself a little scrapbook/craft room but it is NOTHING like those - it is more like and over sized closet, I wish i had the space for a larger room too!!

Catherine said...

Crafting is a wonderful haven and great way to spend time. Hope you're able to find the way you want to create your nook. Hannah still loves the cozy blanket you made her in your craft room!

Kristy said...

I would imagine you are pretty talented so anywhere you decide to craft I am sure it will come out beautiful!!!

Love and blessings, Kristy