Sunday, March 14, 2010

100 Good Wishes Quilt

Just curious if anyone is still collecting for this or not. I completely forgot about it until I ran across the container holding the pieces we've been sent the other day.

I remember starting this project with so much excitement and anticipation. Just like everything else in this adoption, it doesn't look like it will get completed.


Michelle said...

I too was so excited when I was coolecting for mine. I even finished the scrapbook for the first 50 wishes.

When we moved I had Joe take the squares and the scrapbook to storage. At this point I wonder if we will ever get it back out.

Michelle said...

Of course I meant "collecting". Duh.

3D said...

I have all the squares. Book is done. No quilt...sigh

Keep smilin!

Michele said...

I actually hope to start on one of them very soon. Both of them WILL be completed some day.