Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A challenge?

I may have mentioned this already. Since we've moved out here, I've started sewing and I just love, love, love it! I can't believe how much the process relaxes me. Even when I get frustrated with my project I still feel relaxed. I can't explain it, it just makes me happy.

I know there are a lot of sewers out there in blogland. I was wondering if anyone would be doing a monthly/bi-monthly sewing challenge? We can choose a very generic theme to let the creative juices flow. When you're project is done, email me a picture along with a description of your project. I will post pictures at the end of the month.

If you are interested just drop me a comment. I'm not sure if this will be successful, but it's worth a shot. Feel free to spread the word. I think this could be a lot of fun.


Two Kayaks said...

Cool! I "sew" WISH I could sew! Tanya might be up for this challenge. I'll let her know. :)
Are you self-taught? Is it hard to learn? What have you made? I would love to see a post of all the things you've sewn.

High On Craft said...

K1 alerted me to this. Sounds like fun.

Michele said...

I know exactly how you feel about the sewing making you so happy and relaxed because that is how I feel too. Unfortunately I don't have the time to participate but I will be interested to see how it goes and what gets created.

Anonymous said...

Now you know why I love it. why dont you join a bee on Flickr? There is one for everything. If you need help hooking up, I have a friend who is the queen of bees. There are many for stuff outside of quilting Dolores!

Lisa said...

I love sewing too but am not very good at it. It can be very relaxing. I've thought of making the girls 100 good wishes quilts. I had never heard of them when adopting K and then never did one for S. So now I guess I should do one for each of them.
I would love to see pics too of what you've done. Way to go Dolores!! Miss you.