Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Things I'm thinking about

  • I miss Shawn.  He's out of town because of work.  Work travel really sucks.  But at least he got to see some friends.
  • I decided to live my childhood dream and try to write a story using NaNoWriMo as my catalyst.  I will not be sharing my story because I can already see it's not going to be good. That's okay.  I just need to try it.
  • Inspired by some friends I have created a six week meal plan.  We haven't started it yet because our work schedules have not worked out well these pass couple of weeks.  Hopefully when Shawn gets home this weekend we'll be able to start it.
  • I saw my first Christmas commercial tonight.  I think it's way too early to be thinking about that.
  • This morning as I was leaving for work I saw a bunch of stars in the sky since it was clear.  Yes, it's pitch black when I leave for work now.  It doesn't start to get light until well past 8:00 AM.  This makes me sad.
  • We didn't get that many trick or treaters this year.  Maybe about 30 kids or so.  That may seem like a lot to some but I remember growing up the streets were always full of kids.  I wonder where everybody went?  Did we all just grow up?
  • I brought some of our leftover candy to work.  Even though my co-workers scolded me for doing so, they still ate the candy.  Just the chocolate, not the suckers.
  • I have to seriously wonder about contractors in this city.  We've been trying to get a quote to finish our basement and they either are charging usury rates or don't want to come by to give us a quote.  I don't think they realize we're still in an economic recovery.  I'm very tempted to fly someone in from back home, maybe they'll appreciate getting some work.
  • I saw the first season of True Blood.  It's definitely not Twilight.  Season two is waiting on the shelf to be opened and viewed.
  • In the past three days I've only had one soft drink.  This is very good for me.
  • I'm trying to figure out how to make a custom banner using Gimp.  I'm not having a lot of success.
  • I have to go to bed now, it's getting late and the alarm clock rings very early.  But just because she's so stinking cute, here's my girl.


Two Kayaks said...

I'm sorry that Shawn is away. It sucks.

I completely understand the need to write and the need to be private. Good for you for writing. I'm too scared to try.

Yay for a meal plan!! I just revamped ours and pared it down to a four week meal plan because I disliked some of the recipes in the original. Now, it's much yummier!

Christmas commercials in November suck.

Early morning darkness sucks.

We got about 200 kids this year and ran out of candy at about 7:30.

You are evil for bringing candy to work. ;)

I watched the first season too and haven't yet watched the second.

I would LOVE to make you a custom banner if you like. Seriously...email me.

Jinx=cuteness to the power of infinity.

M and M said...

It sucks for you that Shawn is out of town, but it was nice for us to have a visit with him!

I think you under estimate yourself and your writing ability.

YAY for you and menu planning. I would love to see your 6 week plan. I am always looking for new ideas.

I agree - Christmas thinking is not happening in my head right now.

I don't even know what time the sun comes up. I am at work by 6:30. I miss the light of the summer.

We didn't get too many trick or treaters either. That means there was lots of candy left over.

Nobody in our office brought in candy to share.

I wonder about contractors everywhere. Most can't be depended on.

LOVE True Blood!! I have watched season one and two. Will watch season three soon!!

Good for you on the soft drink. I try every day and usually fail.

I have NO IDEA how to do stuff on blogs. K is my hero!!

Yes you girl is CUTE!!! One day soon I hope to meet her!

Michele said...

That is a lot of stuff floating around in your head. I hope you are getting in some sewing time too.

Kim Tate said...

Indeed..Love the dog ;) God bless!

- Kim of Animalerie Toutou