Friday, December 24, 2010

Just not feeling it

Call me Grinch or Ebeneezer but I'm just not feeling the jolly holiday spirit. I hate the rush, the music at the malls set my teeth on edge, I dislike buying gifts for people I don't like but am obliged to buy anyways.  I can not wait until Sunday when it's all over. The holidays just remind me of what I don't have and I don't like to be reminded of that.  I think maybe next year we'll go away and avoid the whole month of December.

I do wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope your holidays are filled with love and joy. I wish you many wonderful memories and happy reunions.  I wish you wonderful dinners and better desserts.  I wish you all the very best.


M and M said...

I wouldn't buy for people you don't like. Opt out!

Going away for the month - not such a bad idea!

Michele said...

I totally understand. I just hope that you have a better 2011.