Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I love books.  I love reading.  I love being taken away and entertained by words.  I had always bought my books because I always wanted to be the first person to ever lay eyes on the words on the pages.  Shawn thinks it's strange and doesn't understand why I would want to buy a book when I can go to the library to pick instead.

When electronic readers started to come out, I was adamant that I would never turn away from the printed word.  It was blasphemy for me.  It was also easy to scoff at as well because of the high cost of e-readers. Then prices started to come down but they weren't coming down enough for me to justify buying one.

Last year when Shawn and I went away on a beach vacation, I brought a couple of books to read while I was lounging.  Well, a couple of books wasn't enough.  I ran out of books.  You want a challenge?  Try finding a good book in English to read while you're in the middle of Mexico. I couldn't believe it but I started to consider buying one.

One day I found out that a new, very stripped down version was coming out and it was inexpensive compared to some others.  I hemmed and hawed and hemmed and hawed.  And then I took the plunge and bought the Kobo.

It's been a few months since I've had one and I'm still not convinced it's a replacement for books.  However I will admit when I've travelled it has been a lot better.  It's much lighter and I never have to worry about the number of books I bring with me.  It has definitely made buying books easier much to Shawn's annoyance. All I have to do is buy it online then sync up my Kobo and I have a new book waiting to be read. 

I just hope that one day I won't feel like a traitor when I walk past a bookstore.


3D said...

Good to know. I love to read and love having the book in my hand. I can see the value...I ran out of books once & it sucked.

Keep smilin!

Mark said...

I put the Kobo in my Christmas list but did not get it - M said I can't get one until I read all the real books I have and I have a lot to read!!!

Keep us posted on the reviews of the Kobo!!!

M and M said...

I love your new header! Did you do it yourself?? It is lovely!! I am just not talented like that.

Mark is correct in his statement about the reader. He currently has about 100 UNREAD books around and he doesn't need anymore unread books - in paper or digital!!

BargainMoose often has discount codes for Kobo books.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I do not know if I can go to an electronic reader. I will be interested to see in time how you do!

BTW the new title looks amazing!

Michele said...

I haven't had the need to consider digital books either but I can certainly understand the appeal if you travel. But I do think that those of us that love books will never tire of the feel of the pages in our hands.