Monday, January 31, 2011

More Monday Thoughts

  • Shawn is out of town...again.  Hopefully this will be the last bit of travel he has to do for a while again.
  • I will never buy another house that does not have a garage, or at the very least a large shed.  This house does not have one and I sorely miss it for storage.
  • I will also never buy another house that does not have a fireplace.  They just make homes cozier.
  • The cold weather is back.  So is the snow.  We have about a foot or so sitting on the ground.
  • I found a roll of undeveloped film.  Remember those?  We got it developed, it was from 1996.  There was a picture of my mom and a couple of Jazz.  Those made me cry.  There was also a picture of skinny me.  That really made me cry.
  • Speaking of pictures, we have a new camera.  Not a point and shoot, an SLR.  I now have to learn how to use it.
  • I need a vacation.  Where should I go?  Remember, it must be warm.
  • I finally got to really play with an iPad.  I think I want one but it's too expensive for it just being a toy right now.  
  • It's starting to be lighter later in the day.  Now the mornings need to get lighter, that will make getting up in the morning much easier.
  • I love Jinx's daycare.  They take such good care of her that I never worry when she's there short or long term.  Most people think I'm nuts when I mention she goes to daycare but dogs are social animals so they need that interaction with other dogs.  Plus she comes home exhausted which means she sleeps the entire night.
  • Speaking of Jinx, I have a new scrapbook software.  Here's one of the pages that I made of her.


Anonymous said...

You are one of the most honest women I know, refreshing. I wish I could have warned you about the pixs, it happened to me as well, very hard. I know you miss Jazz and mum, they are truly around you in spirit, only the physical ever left, they are near. I understand the "skinny" me but my friends always tell me that I meant to be what I am and I am learning to hear this more. Do not buy an IPAD. Very expensive and no specs at all compared to the cheaper and better quality one's out there. We bought two...I will email you, I need a heating bag. I love Jinx too much!

Mark said...

Hey there - the Monday Thoughts Post is a GREAT idea - will it be a weekly thing??? Or can we look forward to a Tuesday Thoughts or maybe a Thursday Thoughts - Thursday is the best day because that means Friday is next!!!

I agree with J only the physical leaves the memories are for a lifetime!!!

You should travel east - soon

M and M said...

I think it is great that Jinx is in daycare.

I think I know where you need a trip too - however, it isn't warm.

As for warm spots, I would pick Caymen Islands - I've always wanted to go there.

I am sorry that the pictures made you cry, however, I hope it was wonderful to see new pictures and remember new memories.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream about Hawaii last night! Totally made me want to go there. I was telling hubby tonight and he said oh no! Not yet! LOL

I love to scrapbook too. I also sell creative memories. Do you use their stuff? Email me if you want to talk scrapbooking sometime.

Michelle said...

I love Jinx's daycare too. I just love their status updates on FB. I go to their photo albums almost daily and look at the pictures of the adorable doggies (yours especially :) I think I would really love to work at a doggie daycare!

Two Kayaks said...

I love that Jinx is so well taken care of. I also know a place where you can go for a bit of a vacation and a lot of twin love.
When my Macbook Pro dies, I will be getting an iPad.
J. is lighting the pilot light on our fireplace as I type in anticipation of maybe losing power during the storm tomorrow. We haven't had it on since last winter!

Catherine said...

I've had a chance to play with an iPad too. Fun and can see why you'd want one! Me too!

Hugs about the pics. What a wonderful surprise to see your mom but very tough too!

I'll chimb in with the rest that your travels should be east. We promise to pump up the heat as high as you want to make it warm!