Thursday, February 24, 2011

How cold is it?

It's so cold that the hair in my nostrils froze the moment I stepped outside.

It's so cold that when I took a deep breath I started to cough, trying to get the cold out of my lungs.

It's so cold that ice started forming on my eyelashes from the condensation of my breath.

It's so cold that even if your car is plugged in, there's no guarantee that it will start.

It's so cold that even though my hair was dry when I left it still froze.

It's so cold that Jinx's dog walker could only take her out for a short walk today.

It's so cold that I seriously considered not going to work today.

It's so cold my soul feels cold.

How cold is it?  This morning we were at -37 celsius. It warmed up this afternoon to -32.  I am so ready for summer.


M and M said...

YUP - that's cold!!

You need a vacation to somewhere warm.

Anonymous said...

See, it has not been t0o bad here for us but I am not sure I would survive your state. Keep warm and yes vacation is in order!

Anonymous said...

Yeah even to Canadians that qualifies as cold.

Two Kayaks said...

I got chilly just reading that. I wouldn't survive. Nope. Not a chance.

3D said...

Ugh...winters suck!

Keep smilin!