Monday, March 14, 2011

More Monday Thoughts

  • As much as I complain about the weather where I live, I am very grateful to live be here.  Seeing all the pain and suffering on the other side of the world is just heartbreaking.
  • As much as people talk of the evils of social networks such as F@cebook and Tw!tter, in times of crisis like this it has calmed the fears of many people who have loved ones in Japan. 
  • A chinook came in this weekend.  It made Shawn very ill on Saturday.  He's feeling much better now.  On a good note, almost all the snow on our front lawn is gone.
  • I made myself a workout CD with uptempo songs for when I go on the Beast.  I noticed that the faster the song, the faster I go.  Bizzarre.
  • I keep sabotaging myself.   I will exercise for 30-45 minutes but then I'll come upstairs and eat chocolate and potato chips.  
  • I am going to try to cut out all sweets.  However, I will allow myself a treat once a week.
  • The time change was terrible.  Even though we have more light in the evening, it's now dark again in the morning.  I prefer the daylight in the morning.
  • Here's another picture of Jinx, just because she's so cute.


    M and M said...

    We were talking about this at work today. We were saying just what you said about the weather and it is worth it for the security of absence of natural disasters.

    I enjoy Facebook. I don't much Twitter. I am lucky that I didn't have anyone in Japan that I was searching for.

    I thought a chinook was nice warm weather. Sorry Shawn is ill. I hope that he feels better soon.

    Good for you!!

    Chips and chocolate - YUMMY! That's all I have to say about that.

    It was REALLY hard getting up this morning. The sun hadn't started showing itself before I started work anyway. It will be a while yet until I see it in the morning.

    Yes - Jinx is VERY cute!!

    Anonymous said...

    I hate the time change too. Totally threw me for a loop this past weekend.

    I love facebook too! With the events of the world and it helps me keep in better contact with blogger friends and all my friends around the country. I never knew you were on there! We should friend each other!

    Anonymous said...

    I really enjoy these moments you write about.

    We live in a safe country. That is gratitude enough. I agree with you.

    I am not a fan of social networking for various reasons so I keep my friends list very low and confined to very close friends and family. The gathering is so much more intimate and honest. When there is much unrest in the world it is indeed a great resource to go to. I have a twitter account for my business only.

    I LOVE the photo of Jinx

    Shawn, feel much better soon.

    You are doing well, very well to work out every day. Chips are very addictive. Keep going, you will get there.

    did I mention I love Jinx!!

    3D said...

    I do the same sabotaging is vicious!

    Was it the pressure that made Shawn ill? Snow gone = yeah baby!

    I agree...Miss J is indeed cute, cute, cute!!

    Keep smilin!

    Catherine said...

    So thankful to live where we do. Praying for those in Japan whose lives have been turned upside down.

    Great job with the exercise thing. Need to do more of that. I'm kinda the opposite to you in that I love the light in the evenings. Have ZERO natural light at work so appreciate it in the evenings. Hoping to start walking after supper now that the weather is slightly warmer.

    Cute Jinx!

    Michelle said...

    I had to Google what a Chinook was.

    I hate getting up in the dark too. Blech.

    Michele said...

    Of course Jinx is adorable. And I'll have to try chips and chocolate together. Sounds yummy. I sure hope like you that winter is finally gone.