Monday, March 28, 2011

My Monday Thoughts

  • I have not had had a C0ke in ten weeks.  Today I was really wanting one since I did not sleep well.  However I resisted and did not drink one.
  • Grief is a terrible thing.  It's been almost 4.5 years since my mom passed away and today while I was on the bus going to work it came out of nowhere and walloped me.  I almost started crying right there but managed to hold it together.
  • We have a subscription to Netflix so I have now finished watching the first three seasons of Mad Men.  I'm now on to the first season of Merlin. 
  • "They" claim it's now spring.  I however have my doubts since there's still a ton of snow out.  I'm sure we will get at least two more snowstorms before June.
  • Last "summer" was really a mild winter as far as I'm concerned.  It snowed well into the end of May and we had frost by August.  I sure hope this summer is better.
  • Sometimes while I'm on lunch I'll walk around and watch people.  I find it very intriguing that about half the people I see have their heads bent down and they're smartphone in their hands.  
  • I hate smartphones.
  • That's all for now.


3D said...

I LOVE Mad Men!

Missing a loved one never is so hard. I still cry sometimes for loved ones. Hugs.

I hope summer is amazing for you and last year sucked!

Keep smilin!

Two Kayaks said...

Good for you about the Coke!! It's baaaaaaaad stuff, I tell ya!

I'm so sorry about the grief and how it comes in waves. It's tough when you're not sure when it's going to hit.

I've never seen Mad Men. What is Merlin?

Spring. No such thing, I think. Winter and a few weeks of sunshine in July. That's what we get.

We got rid of the old phone that my brother had given us (it was seriously circa 2004). Now we are cell phone free!!

M and M said...

I am impressed by the lack of Coke!! WAY to go!!

Grief sucks.

I PVR too much I don't think I would have time for Netflix. However, we have Mad Men on DVD to watch eventually.

Never heard of Merlin.

Starting to ALMOST feel like spring here. maybe...

Fingers crossed for you that you have a better summer.

I have a smartphone and I LOVE it. However, I don't do ANY personal stuff at work on my computer so I can keep in touch that way.

Anonymous said...

Addictions are deadly, I have one of my own. Keep going.

We have netflix too! Sweet.

I can't talk about grief at this time, I am focusing on the unconditional love he gave. Too early and I have hurried my own process for fear of losing it.

Aww, I just got a smartphone and it is like a mini pc for me.

Seasons do not bother me. Oh way, I love winter. haha.

Michele said...

Good for you with the Coke.

No netflix here, no time.

Grief is something that stays with you forever. Some days are just worse than others.

I don't have a smart phone and I am not interested but resistance is hard.