Monday, April 18, 2011

Another episode of Monday Thoughts

  • I will not complain about the weather.  It will never get better and I just have to get use to it.
  • Tonight is the first night of Passover.  Seeing as how we don't know any other people who celebrate here, we won't be doing much.
  • I'm not happy about the fact that we're having another election.  That's three elections in less than six years.  These people really need to get their act together.
  • If you like the zippered pouches I have listed below, you can still enter to win.  Not a lot of people have entered so your odds are really good.
  • I am hosting my book club at the end of May.  I don't know what to feed these ladies.  One is lactose intolerant and one has a gluten allergy.  Please help.
  • We are planning our getaway.  Looks like we will be going away in May.
  • Some people at work greatly annoy me.  They argue with me and don't listen to what I have to say and yet when my supervisor tells them the same thing they shut up.
  • We have one guest coming so far this summer.  Door is always open.
  • We had our home assessment yesterday and we passed.  We will be fostering a dog in the next few weeks.  Probably when we get back from our getaway.
  • One of the dogs, Baba, is an Australian shepherd dog. He kept herding Jinx yesterday.
  • Here are some pictures of Jinx playing with Rosie (the white dog) and Baba (the one that looks like Jinx), my colleague's dog and foster dog.  


M and M said...

You can still complain about the weather - sometimes it just makes you feel better to do so.

Happy Passover!

Politicians suck!

I don't know much about a gluten allergy...sorry. As for the lactose intolerant person, as I am one, I just work around it and don't expect anything from anyone when I visit.


People suck!

Who is your guest??? Sorry this summer we won't be going anywhere.

YAY - how long does one usually foster a dog for?

Baba is cute!

Jinx is super cute!!

Anonymous said...

Love the doggie pictures! I think they are all so cute. I think Jinx will like having company around to play with!

I want to enter the giveaway your stuff is way to cute!

Anonymous said...

Yes, me too, the weather is what it is and we cannot change it. I love the snow. See? Crazy I am.

No Seder Meal at all?

It is a sad state of affairs this country and the leaders have it all wrong.

Crackers, and spreads – all sorts of spreads is good and a salad – bean? really...or greek or pasta?

Ireland? or how about Bali?

Workmates - no comment here.

I wish, it has been years since a getaway.

I wish I could foster, we have talked about it a lot amongst the family. Perhaps when the nest is emptier. I am looking forward to your stories and experience.

How did Jinx feel about being herded!!

Enjoy your photos immensely!

Kristy said...

If it makes you feel any better, today here in Texas it is 100 degrees and probably 99% humidity!!!! lol

Love, Kristy