Monday, April 11, 2011

Some things on Monday

  • I've been thinking about the future a lot lately.  I decided that I would really like a change from the corporate world at some point.  I just have to figure out what I should do instead.
  • I think we may foster a dog waiting for their furever home.  Have to talk to Shawn about it but we may try it.
  • I've decided that Jinx is the coolest being ever.  Seriously.  She always makes me feel loved no matter what type of mood I'm in.
  • There is nothing on TV right now so I've been watching a lot of Netflix.  I recently started rewatching Fame.  Remember that show? It's really cheesy to watch now but oh how I wanted to go to the Performing Arts school when I was a kid.  Too bad I can't sing, dance, act or play an instrument.
  • On Friday we got the best news ever.  I was so happy I started to cry.  No, it's not a referral but it's still the best news ever.
  • I wish the clothing industry would come up with standardized sizing.  I have no idea what size I am because it's always different depending on the outfit.
  • When did wearing PJ's in public become appropriate attire for anyone over 10?
  • We really should head out to the mountains more often.  Last time we did, we made our way home in the middle of a snow storm.  Do you know how scary a mountain snow storm is??? Very.
  • About 1.5 weeks ago we had some water leak into the basement.  Turns out the drain in the window well wasn't draining.  We had some guys come in and fix it and now the backyard is a mud pit.
  • As a result of said mud pit, we are constantly washing Jinx's feet.  If she manages to get in before we get to her, we have to constantly mop up the floor.  It's getting tiring.
  • Here is a picture of said mud pit.


M and M said...

Leave the corporate world - move home and visit often!

I guess Jinx will do well with a foster dog as she spends her days with other dogs.

Jinx IS cool!

No Netflix. We PVR everything and are so far behind that we still have lots to watch.

LOVE good news!! LOVE IT!!

Agreed about the clothing sizes.

I was wondering the same thing about pj's. They are usually accompanied by fluffy boots!

I don't like driving in any snow, let alone mountain snow.

Sorry about the mud pit - hope it dries up soon.

Sorry about Jinx running in said mud pit...

3D said...

The puppy prints occur no matter what size pooch. It is a big pain!

I am not strong enough to foster a pooch. I admire you for that.

Snow sux. Water leaks sux bigger.

Miss you...

Keep smilin!

Two Kayaks said...

I need to figure out what I should be doing too. I'm thinking you should do something with your sewing talent!

You would be GREAT foster parents to a new pup.

I do remember Fame! I wanted to be there as well. :)

Don't you love getting awesome news?? You deserve to get the best news ever!!!

Tell me about it! Clothing sizes are ridiculous.

I hate it. I was so glad to begin teaching in a school that required uniforms of the students.

Mountains are lovely. Snowstorms in mountains are not so much. Be careful.

Maybe you could bathe in the mud pit in your back yard? Good for the skin, no?

I love these bullet posts. LOVE 'EM!!