Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Guest

Last Monday Shawn and I welcomed a guest into our home.  She's one of the prettiest blondes I've ever seen.  She's about six months old and quite the handful!  She has been giving Jinx a run for her money that's for sure.  Her name is Sparky and she's a golden retriever/lab cross. I also think she's part rabbit because she hops and jumps when she gets excited.

Sparky is our foster dog from Misty Creek Dog Rescue.  She was rescued from a high kill shelter in Idaho. While I think she was given a horrible name, she really is a cutie. I thought Jinx was high energy, until I met Sparky.  Now here is a dog that is high energy.  She's always on the go and ready to catch a ball. Needless to say Jinx is being left in the dust.  The best part, she's a cuddler and snuggler.  She loves to have her neck and chest scratched and will cuddle up right beside you to give you easy access.

She's already potty trained and does fairly well in her kennel.  We are working on her obedience.  She only knows sit but we will work with her so she learns her commands.

The only issue we've seen so far is that she's a bit food aggressive with Jinx, not with us.  It actually makes me sad that she is.  It makes me wonder what she went through before coming to us that she feels she has to scrap it out with other dogs for food.  We are working with her to help her overcome this issue.

Jinx has been adjusting fairly well to having Sparky around considering she's been an only dog for two years.  There is some jealousy but she does enjoy playing with Sparky.  She is a bit of a stinker though.  Jinx will take a toy, literally rub it in Sparky's face and then run away when Sparky reaches for it.  The two of them run circles around the ottoman.  It's actually quite entertaining watching these two.

I will see if I can get some video of these two interacting with each other.  Like I said, they're rather entertaining to watch.


Catherine said...

What fun for Jinx to have a playmate! Adoarble pups for sure!

M and M said...

She is a cutie!~! Glad to hear that her and Jinx are getting along!