Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some Thoughts

  • I've been bad about blogging.  Life is a lot busier now with two pups.  They do generally manage to entertain themselves so it's not too bad.  We just make sure their playing doesn't escalate to anything more than just playing.
  • I've been watching the second season of Merlin on Netflix.  I really think cloaks need to come back to style.  They are just so mysterious and dramatic.
  • Lately I've heard songs remade from my childhood and youth.  They are terrible renditions.  These "artists" need to stop hurting my memories with their horrible interpretations.
  • It's been raining so much I'm starting to feel moldy.
  • We tried a cleaning service recently and it was an absolute failure.  The search continues.
  • I haven't had a chance to go to my "studio" and sew in a few weeks.  I miss it.  Hopefully I'll be able to get down there soon and let the creative juices flow. I have a couple of things I want to make so I really do need to get down there.
  • That being said I'm still looking for a serger.
  • I have not had a C0ke in 5 months.  My heartburn has gone down by about 80%. Still get it occasionally, usually when I eat spicy food.
  • We are thinking of heading a bit further west this summer for a little vacation. We'll see if we can get our act together.  That being said, we will be going home this fall for another wedding.  Well, that's assuming we're invited. One knows what happens when one assumes.
  • Why aren't sit coms filmed in front of a live studio audience anymore?
  • Here's yet another picture of the girls at daycare.  They take the best pictures of them.


Two Kayaks said...

It must be so much fun to watch those pups play!!

I've not heard of Merlin, but I'm a fan of cloaks.

I don't like music so much.

It threatens to rain here a lot, but it rarely does.

I just want someone to come in and wash my floors and clean my shower. Oh, and I want them to do it for free. Is that so much to ask?

I hope you get back to your studio. You are mucho talented.

Hope you find the serger you want!

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU for not having a coke in SO long!!! You rock!

You should never go further West. ALWAYS EAST!

I don't know the answer to this.

Cutest pups EVAH!

Catherine said...

New header looks great!

Fun times with your adorable pups!

Happy to hear you're headed west for vacay!

Happier to hear you're headed east for a wedding!

Have a great weekend!

3D said...

You rock at blogging!

Merlin...never saw. But cloaks are indeed cool!

Makes me sad to hear cool songs used for commercials.

I may grow gills.

I want! I actually want a house elf to live with me to clean my house. And perhaps he could wear a cloak?!?

You are mucho talented! I hope you finf the time and a serger.

Great willpower! I envy that.

Not west...EAST! Come to my land! We have a room for you!

I think some still are...CBS ones mainly.

Those fur babies are too sweet!

Keep smilin!

Michele said...

I've got no time for blogging either and I so hear ya about needing creative time. I actually found some lately and need to finish that project so I can show it off. I will atest to the fact that it does make me fell a lot better. Congrats on the will power. And the fur babies are just so precious no matter what they are doing.