Friday, July 08, 2011


I'm stumped with regards to my sewing crafts.  What should I try making next?

I have a couple of things to make for some friends but while I'm working on those I need some inspiration for some new projects.  Any ideas? Tutorials?  Suggestions? Anything will do!


Mark said...

Why not some coats and matching booties for the puppies?? Heck all of of you could have matching coats and booties - now wouldn't that be a sight to see!!!

4D said...

I do not have any suggestions but cruise Pinterest and see what inspires you.

Keep smilin!

Catherine said...

I've recently purchased some iron on Disney patches from Etsy. It seems there are only a few people who make them and they all talk about being crazy busy! Does something like that interest you? Not sure what kind of machine you have but it might be something to look into?

Gameterminator DaCambra said...

make a luigi :)