Wednesday, April 16, 2014

For Some Fun

I added a poll to the right to add some fun to this otherwise pretty pessimistic blog.  When do you think we will get our referral?  If you participate, leave me a comment.  I'm toying with the idea of doing a draw once we have our referral for those that participate.  Don't know what I will give away yet, maybe something I've been knitting these past few weeks.

Here's some information that may help with an educated guess.  We are now two days away from a referral.  In the past 19 months there has been an average of 2.05 days of LIDs covered, not including weekends.  Including weekends the number is 2.57.  There have been six months with no referrals but the next month there were either a larger number of days covered than normal or there were two referral batches in the month.

I look forward to seeing the responses!


4D said...

Fingers crossed for May but I have a feeling it may be EARLY June.<

Keep smilin!

Gameterminator DaCambra said...