Friday, May 30, 2014

Here We Go (Again)

On RQ and on FB there are rumours that there is now a new cut off date of December 6th.  Once again that includes us.  Trying hard not to get too excited because of what happened last month but I can't help but have a huge smile on my face as my tummy is doing flip flops.

Our co-ordinator doesn't work on Fridays so I don't think we will hear from our agency today or even next week to be honest.  They don't like to give out information until they have referrals in hand.

All this is going on as we are renovating 3/4 of our main floor, including our kitchen.  At least things will be ready for when our little one arrives.

Fingers crossed it's true this time.


Doris Clark said...

SO exciting!!

Keep smilin!

Michele said...

Fingers crossed for you here. This has been such a long time coming and I truly hope that this time it is your turn.

Kathy said...

So excited for both of you. Can't wait to check back and see the news. Have been seeing rumors on RQ.

Sharon said...

How exciting. Can't wait to see that little picture!

Brandi said...

So exciting - can't wait to hear your good news! I've been following you since the old Yahoo Group days. Can't believe it's taken this long (we switched in '09 to SN and now have 2 home from China). Can't wait to see her beautiful face!