Sunday, May 14, 2006

And the saga continues

We are one step closer. We got our local police clearance and...NO CRIMINAL RECORDS! I wasn't too worried about it but you always have something lurking at the back of your mind, maybe they got the wrong name or something. It's just one more thing that is done now. I think we only have to do our financial statement and our biography. That's going to take a long time to do but the financial statement is complicated. We don't have a mortgage but we don't have any money either. We have a home equity line of credit and that's where our mortgage is. It's too complicated to get into here, if anyone's interested let me know and I'll explain it in further detail. We meet with Deborah again on Wednesday so the homestudy continues.

We also went to our doctors to get our physicals done. I found out that my doctor was part of the Canadian group that worked with the Chinese government to get the program up and running. I thanked him on our behalf. It's so funny how things work out, I never would've pegged him for one that would do something on an international level. We just have to wait for our bloodwork to come back stating that we're not HIV, Hep A or B positive. My results should be in within the next couple of weeks. One more thing to cross off the list.

Miguel has had surgery this past week. He's doing ok right now. Miguel is walking and moving around and eating quite a bit now. His colour is back and he's walking straighter. He should be coming home today. I told him that he should stay with us while he's getting better, at least this way if he starts to not feel well again he will have someone to call rather than be alone in his apartment.

Mark should also be coming home soon. He's in Alberta right now in the bush. I'm sure Isabel can't wait for him to come home.

I heard from a friend of ours, Marc who is living in Japan right now teaching English. We had a chance to tell him what we are doing so now we have one more person to check off. He was also really excited for us. He asked us to tell him when we travel over to pick up baby because maybe he'll swing by as well. That would be awesome to have someone we know over there with us. I told him he would be the first of our friends/family to meet her.

Other than that, nothing really exciting to report. We have Shawn's cousin's wedding coming up this weekend, so I'd like to wish both Allan and Alanna a very big congrats here. I'll post pictures afterwards. Then we have Shelley and Harold's anniversary party the following weekend, then we have an adoption seminar the following weekend. So we're pretty booked up for the next little while. What I would give to just have a weekend with nothing to do:).

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