Sunday, May 07, 2006

So much for a quiet weekend

Well, we're still here with nothing really new to report. We are still in the process of collecting all our paperwork. Shawn went to the doctor's the other day to get his physical and got a clean bill of health as well as a root of approval that he would make an excellent candidate to adopt. YIPEE!!! I have my appointment this week, hopefully I'll get the same bill of approval.

On one of the boards that I subscribe to 3 families got their referrals. They'll probably be travelling overseas towards the end of June/beginning of July. I'm so excited for them! By our calculations we'll probably be going overseas towards the end of next year, somewhere between October and December would be my guess. It's a pretty large window but not as large as the four years we've been waiting for a child.

I've been thinking about the name Chloe for the baby. Shawn keeps telling me he has to wait until he see's her picture to make a decision. He's funny that way. While I need everything planned out he's good with waiting til the last minute. Last weekend Isabel came over with Lucas as well. I asked him to say Chloe and what does he come out with???? Cookie. This is the same kid though that doesn't refer to me as Auntie or Tita or even Dolores, he calls me That One.

On Friday though we had a bit of a scare with mom. Her doctor called me to tell me that she'd been complaining of symptoms that are equal to heart failure. My world just came down around me when I heard that. We had to take her to the hospital so they could do a chest xray, bloodwork, EKG etc. Turns out she's not any worse than she was before but the dr's are going to have to adjust her medication, to keep her legs from swelling more than anything. Also we have to look to getting her involved in some group, wheel trans etc. I need her to be ok for when baby comes. But she is ok, so no need for anyone to worry.

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