Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Third meeting done

We had our third meeting with Deborah today. We discussed post-adoption depression as well as being able to love and care for a child that doesn't biologically belong to you. We also discussed our infertility issues and how we came to terms with it. We also discussed integrating the baby's culture into our everyday lives as well. That really shouldn't be an issue since we're doing that anyways in our lives. Our last meeting with Deborah is May 30th so by then we need to have all our paperwork done including our biography. That's a big job so we really have to set one day aside to complete it.

The books I ordered yesterday are already here. Way to go Amazon! The first book is called When You Were Born in China and it's a very short book that's meant for the baby when she's a little bit older to explain the situation in China and why she was left to be adopted. It's very short but explains everything very well. That'll probably be more for when she's a little bit older. The other one is called Cost-Cultural Adoption. Bacially it deals with the questions we have gotten and will get in dealing with the adoption of a child that is not of the same ethnicity as you. I've ordered a few more today, let's see how quick these next ones come:).

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