Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekend seminar

All I can say is I'm glad yesterday was a horrible day weather wise. We spent the enitre day at an international adoption seminar. If it had been as nice as it was last weekend, I don't think I could have lasted.

It was a pretty good seminar, we learned a lot of things that I wouldn't have thought of. Some of the things they talked about was attachment and bonding issues, how to discuss adoption with your child as well as other children in your lives (nieces, nephews, etc), health issues and so on. We were told to make sure that we make a big deal out of everything, including little bumps and scrapes. I never would've thought of that. We got to meet other adoptive parents as well which was kind of neat. We also had a chance to speak to a family that adopted their child from China as well, and another family that adopted their son from Russia. It was really cool.

It's still frustrating because we are almost at the end of our paperchase but the wait isn't going down, it actually looks like it's going up, not happy about that but I'm sure there's a reason for it. My guess is just that the baby hasn't been born yet and needs to be born. We'll get her, hopefully sooner than later :)

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