Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Adoption Resource Kit

Today we got our resource kit from Children's Bridge. It's one of the biggest binders I've ever seen in my life! It also came with a couple of video tapes and a few books I guess it's their suggested reading. I'll be taking a look at them as soon as I'm done my current book.

I'm still reeling from our vacation. Between the heat and being tired from our trip I'm ready to sleep all day and night long. It's been about 35-40 degrees everyday and that doesn't count the humidity which makes it feel like well over over 40 at times. I like things hot but even this is a little too hot for me. If the humidity went away I think it would be better. In the meantime we sit and sweat, at least we'll be loosing weight (that's what I tell myself to make it seem better).

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Kathy and Joel said...

Welcome home! The resource binder is amazing and full of very valuable information. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down and reading through a lot of the information presented. I'm still not completely through it (it's huge, after all) but it will continue to be a great way to learn about parenthood and the issues surrounding international adoption.
The video tapes are amazing and the speaker is wonderfully aware of all of the ins and outs of adoption. I loved her "comebacks" for some of the inappropriate comments people make.