Thursday, August 10, 2006

Some things never cease to amaze

So I was watching a popular daytime talk show the other day. On the show there were several women who were having major issues. One of the women was anorexic, she weighed 80 pounds. On the show of course they had the "therapist" or whatever she was. She was asking what happened in her childhood to make her this way (of course!). She admitted that she was adopted so the "therapist" then spouts out "How do you feel about being given up?". I almost died! As a therapist, psychologist or whatever the hell she is, she should've known better than to say she was "given up". And she said it more than once!

So this example just basically went to reinforce that unless these shows are talking about how to decorate your house, new fashions for the upcoming season, or how to cook a chicken, the things they talk about are pretty useless. Dispensing advice like that, reinforcing that your birth parents "didn't want you" was just awful. The "therapists" or "psychologists" on these shows are just a bunch of quacks.

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