Monday, September 25, 2006


I found out from Kathy's site that the CCAA has made a bunch of referrals BUT they are still with the August LIDs. While this is good seeing as how I don't think many were made in July as their offices were closed for three weeks, this does nothing to lift my moral over the time lines. They just seem to be getting longer. Hopefully since the CCAA are in their new offices this will mean that they will be able to process more dossiers at a quicker pace. Here's to keeping everyting crossed that this is the case.

It just doesn't seem fair now that we've made this decision that everything is taking so long to process. It never seems to work out for us. OK, self pity time is over, time to think and stay positive again.

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Kathy and Joel said...

Wouldn't it be lovely for something to be easy for those of us who have already been through the trials of years of infertility? Sigh...
I did get an email today from a fellow Canadian blogger friend who received an email from Open Arms stating that they think the referral timelines will begin to increase after November. I'm trying to hold onto to any positive piece of information I can at this point.