Friday, September 29, 2006

We have Ministry Approval!

I got the phone call this afternoon from Sharon at Children's Bridge. She told me that we received our Ministry approval. I was shocked, I wasn't expecting it for another two weeks. She said that they were surprised as well that it came so quick. So now we have our documents translated and hopefully by the end of October we will be DTC! I was dancing in my chair at work and ready to start crying (because I'm an emotional basketcase at the best of times). I told my co-worker and she came and gave me a hug, I then said, "I guess I should call Shawn and tell him". Poor guy, finds out after everyone else knows. Of course everyone asks, "What does this mean and how much longer". It's easy to explain what this means but it's not so easy to guess how much longer. But at least one more step done!

I was smiling so much today that my face hurt. But it was a bittersweet euphoria. Our joy is at the expense of someone else's grief. I just hope that the baby's birth mother will know that the baby will be loved and cared for.

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Janet said...

Congrats on your ministry approval! It's a great first step to your DTC! HOORAY!

Janet T.

Kathy and Joel said...

WHAT????? That's amazing, Dolores! Oh, I'm so thrilled for you and Shawn. Enjoy your weekend and tell us what you plan to do to celebrate!