Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments. It's great knowing I have a cheering section. I will continue and now Shawn is even joining me in the basement so we'll both be losing weight together.

We're still waiting to hear when we'll be DTC, it's been three weeks since we got word that we were going off to translation. If we learn nothing else from this whole process it will be patience. Whoever said patience is a virtue has never been through this process. Hopefully we'll hear from CB soon and we'll be one step closer to getting our baby. Just a quick question to those who are already DTC/LID, how did you get the news, by email or phone? Everytime I hear the phone ring I run thinking it's CB and the same thing with email whenever I see a new one, my spirit lifts thinking it's THE email. Then the reality hits that it's a work related thing. At least if I know how the message comes then I won't be as anxious.


Lisa said...

Hi Dolores and Shawn

We too are with Children's Bridge. We are LID Dec. 16/05 and this is our second time around. I just happend to stumble onto your site and thought I'd say hi and say you've done a great job on your blog. You can check mine out at thebonners.blogspot.com Hope to hear that you've gotten your translation back and your on your way to DTC.


Kathy and Joel said...

We got a phone call from Jenna to say that we were DTC. She called at around 10:30 in the morning and we were just about to head to TO for the Chinese Lantern festival so it was very apt timing. She also told us to expect an email shortly after the phone call advising us of the families in our group. It was nice to get a list of the families we would be traveling with.
For the LID, we received an email from Jenna telling all families in our travel group that we were logged in.