Friday, December 01, 2006


I look forward to Friday's for a couple of reasons, the obvious being that I don't have to go to work for two days. That's two days for myself and Shawn and anything we want to do. Well, almost anything. Doris invited us to go with her and her husband Dan and some other bloggy friends for lunch tomorrow. I so wanted to go but Shawn has the chimney guy coming in to clean the chimney. We haven't cleaned it in years and seeing as it's a wood burning fireplace, we should get it checked out. We also have two, that's right, two birthday parties. One for my cousin Yasmine who is turning six and the other for our friend's daughter Shayla who is turning one.

Friday also means I can wear jeans to work so I can acutally be comfortable while I work. Which was good today because we were moving boxes, throwing out old flyers, lots of filing, etc. That would not be fun in nice work clothes and dress shoes.

This week has been particularly tough for me because it's been the first full week back at work since my mom passed away. I am really ready for these two days I can claim as my own.

I went to the doctors again today because my ear hasn't been behaving well. I will be finished the antibiotics tomorrow and things still sound hollow, there's a ringing too and a slight echo when people talk. He took a look and told me that it's still red which means that the tissue is still healing and there's some fluid in the ear too. It should be gone soon though according to the doctor. He said in the meantime, it's not so bad if you can't hear everything being said to you. This way you can pick and choose who you listen to and use your ear as an excuse.


Rhonda said...

Aww too bad you can't join us, it should be a lot of fun.

Hope you feel better soon!

Mark & Michelle said...

Oh that is too bad that you won't be there for lunch tomorrow!!

I hope you ear is better soon!! I like that you say you can "pick and choose" what you listen to!!

Kathy and Joel said...

Sorry you're still feeling kind of rough and bummer that we can't meet today. I'm starting to get the feeling that you are are avoiding us... Ha Ha!

Dolores and Shawn said...

No way and I trying to avoid you. Trust me, I'd rather be having a good lunch with nice people than sitting around for a chimney sweep.