Saturday, December 02, 2006

Unusual things

I was playing around last night trying to find the blogs of families that have recieved their referrals the other day. I went to the Rumor Queen's site and found out that not some people received referrals even though they were LID after September 8th. How odd, is it possible that the CCAA made referrals beyond Setpember 8th and somebody typed in the wrong date on the website? One can only hope so.


Kathy and Joel said...

Yes, there are some families logged in after Sept. 8th that got referrals. Not sure how it happened.
We missed you today!

Mark & Michelle said...

It scares me to think that when we get that close something might get screwed up!!

Hope you had a good weekend!!

Janet said...

I just hope they speed up! Wouldn't that have been the best Christmas present ever? Love the look of your blog- it's so pretty!

Lisa said...

There was a mix up at CCAA with one group getting their LID before the other group which was actually DTC first. Hope that makes sense. Therefore CCAA made the exception and included them in the referrals also. That's my understanding anyway.