Monday, January 08, 2007

CNN and International Adoption

Last week I missed the episode Paula Zahn had on Chinese adoption and adoptive parents motives for choosing China versus other countries or even domestic adoption. I did read the transcripts and was disgusted by what I read. I've never been a big fan of CNN but I couldn't believe some of the ignorant, rude and misinformed comments that came out of the guests mouths. The fact that they were given a forum to spew this garbage just amazed me.

Well, tonight there was a follow up my guess is due to the amount of emails they received from adoptive parents. They had a recap of what was said last week and actually hearing what I read just made my blood boil. I now truly understand the outrage I was reading about. You could tell that the show was put together very quickly because Paula Zahn was stumbling all over the place. While they at least brought in some people involved in the adoptive community, they didn't really address the issues as to why people adopt internationally versus domestically. One of the guests from last week (Martin) didn't make any apologies for his behaviour the other one (Uygur) did. While they at least tried to address the issue and "fix" the damage, in all honesty, the segment was just not long enough to do the topic justice.


Mark & Michelle said...

I am glad they 'tried'. I am also glad that they took the 'thousands' of e-mails and listened (sort of) or at least realized they had made an error - however, I don't think they 'fixed' the error that they had made.
Mark and I have been talking about it since Friday and we got all fired up again tonight.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they at least did something. The boogers.

Janet T.
(sorry, I'm tired, and when I'm tired, I call people boogers.....)

Tracey & Mike said...
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Tracey & Mike said...

Oops. I thought my comment posted twice & it didn't. ok. Anyways, I agree that this topic didn't receive nearly as much time as it deserved. Despite the fact that "friends" of Mr. Martin have had a hunky dory domestic adoption (though I'm not convinced he wasn't making that up to try to bolster his case) that's not true for many, many people. It's too bad that part of the issue wasn't really addressed.

Doris & Dan Clark said...

It is good to see that we can band together and let our voices be heard.

Keep smilin!