Monday, March 19, 2007

Special presents

On Saturday as Isabel and I were at our local Superstore picking up the party supplies when we saw the most adorable little dress. Isabel knows that Shawn and I have made the decision to not buy anything for the baby until we get closer to our referral so she decided to buy the little dress for her niece. It's a beautiful little dress with ladybugs on it. It even has the diaper cover up underwear too. I know Tita Isabel is going to enjoy shopping for her niece.

Later in the evening, our friends Khal and Sara also brought something for the baby, a Dora Activity Ride-on. Of course Shawn and Khal were forced to put it together because we had many little anxious people waiting to take it for a spin. Thank you very much Khal and Sara, I know the baby will love it, seeing how Tara, Lucas and Shayla were going crazy over it.
Tara and Shawn putting the toy together

The completed project.

Going for a spin.

I asked Lucas if it's been safety tested and he responded that yes it is, he safety tested it himself. I have my own safety inspector. How cool is that?


Mark & Michelle said...

I distinctly remember Lucas 'testing' it!!

The dress is adorable!!

LIZ said...

That dress is adorable!...I found a little pant suit last summer that is made of the same fabric...just love it.

redmaryjanes said...

That is such a cute Dora rider! I have tried not to shop very much either, but I did pick up a book and a diaper bag the other day.

Jill and Jaap said...

Great stuff!

Natolino said...

How cute will she look in her dress driving around in her Dora rider??
Love them!
Can't believe you got that adorable dress at the SuperStore!
That's great!

Tracey & Mike said...

What a beautiful dress!

Janet said...

Having your very own safety inspector is wonderful! And that looks like a pretty fun toy. I'm pretty sure Belle would love it. And as for the dress....well, it's VERY cute!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Sweet dress, I think I have the same one!

Love Shawn's hat!

Elizabeth said...

I so look forward to buying the little dresses too. I have to admit I do buy little girl clothes if they are on sale. But only size 24 mon- size 2s as I have no idea how big/small she will be. I never let myself buy the pretty dresses I see out for the season either. Waiting until it's a tangible reality.

Catherine said...

The little dress is adorable! I've looked at it, touched it and thought about it often. I have bought a few items but not too many and so far I've held out on this one.

So happy to hear you received it as a gift.