Thursday, April 05, 2007

April snow brings May flowers?

If I didn't look at the calendar I would swear it was at least February. We woke up this morning to news of slippery roads, flurries and sub zero temperatures. I thought it was suppose to be spring? I guess this is spring Canadian style, you get teased with a little bit of nice weather but then were blasted one last time with crappy weather.

Being a summer person, this weather just makes me want to stay in bed under the covers where it's nice and warm. The warm weather should be coming soon, right?


Mark & Michelle said...

I am HOPING that the warm weather comes soon - today was just NASTY!! The weekend forecast doesn't look too good!

I am itching to get in my garden!

Stacy said...

We had 80F temperatures last week and even the first of this week. Today we had snow flurries!?!?!

This is really strange weather.

Kathy and Joel said...

It's pure evil...:(

Anonymous said...

We got like 4 inches of snow here. It isnt funny. I had to wear real shoes again!

redmaryjanes said...

This makes me really not want to leave for home today!