Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Mark!

Yesterday was Mark's birthday and even though I'm one day late, I'd like to wish him a very happy, belated birthday.

I'm so very grateful that we've had the opportunity to meet and especially excited that we will be traveling together to China. Even though it's been just over a year since we met, I can see our friendship growing throughout the years as we wait for our children and as our children grow up together.

We love you!


Mark & Michelle said...

I love the "sunshine" picture!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes for my hubby!

Rhonda said...

That top picture is going to haunt me...

Mark said...


Thanks for the b-day greetings!!! I can;t believe its only been a little over a year since we've all become friends - it seems like forever - it a GOOD way of course!!!

Mind you I'm sure there were better pictures you could have used!!! DAM APPLE NOTE BOOK COMPUTER CAMERA THINGY!!!



Catherine said...

Too funny! Love the pics you chose!

You can never say it too often so...Happy Birthday Mark!!

PS - What program did you use to do the scrapbook thing? Cute!

PIPO said...

Okay - I am SCARED of that picture!

Happy B-day to Mark.

Tracey & Mike said...

Ok. I have to agree with Rhonda & pipo - that picture is disturbing!