Friday, October 01, 2010

My Bucket List

1. Visit the following: 
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • The Taj Mahal
  • Greece
  • Rio during Carnival
  • New Orleans during Mardi Gras
  • Venice
  • All of Spain
  • The top of the Eiffel Tower during the evening
2. Learn to salsa and flamenco dance
3. Complete a NaNoWriMo challenge
4. Cook a gourmet meal for my friends and family
5. Create a scholarship in my mom's memory for cardiovascular students
6. Get over my fear of water and go scuba diving
7. Become a mom

What's on your bucket list?


M and M said...

I like your list!!!

Looking forward to #4

Can't wait for #7

I can think of another fear to get over...

Anonymous said...

I have been making a list as well. Travel is always a big feature of what i want to do.

Catherine said...

What a great list with lots of fun and variety! Cannot wait for #7 to happen!!! It will happen friend.

Two Kayaks said...

I would love to join you in Ireland.

I would love to be the receiver of the gourmet meal!

You will become a mom and you will be an amazing one. I can't wait!

3D said...

I would love to help you complete anyone of those. #7 will be a glorious one.

Keep smilin!

kitchu said...

love your bucket list... i am going to work on one ;)

and thanks so much for your complement about the photos. seriously i am so self critical and find myself wishing i took pics like other people, feeling my eye is tired and boring and always the same. so anyway, i was really humbled by your comment.

Julie said...

The scuba one resonated with me. We are planning a trip to Cozumel in February - it is a hot spot for scuba and I don't want to go there and miss out! I am not afraid of the water as much as what is in it (or of course something going very wrong with the breathing mechanics). Anyways, I do hope you get your chance and I am working on mine too!
Best wishes on your bucket list!