Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Do you have something in your life that takes you back?  A certain smell, location or food that brings back memories from your childhood or youth?  I do and I didn't realize it is my trigger until a few months ago.  My trigger is the song Take the Long Way Home by Suptertramp.

I'm not even sure where I heard it, it must of been a tv show.  When I heard those first few notes of that wailing harmonica I had to stop to catch my breath.  As I closed my eyes, I was 7 years old again standing outside my aunt's and uncle's house hanging out with my way cool older cousins with that song playing in the background.  I then felt tears in my eyes.  I saw my uncle, my grandma and my mom, everyone that I love that is gone.  And I felt safe.

I couldn't believe the reaction I had, I haven't reacted that strongly to anything.  Of course I had to download the song to my iPod.  I play that song when I'm feeling down or just want to remember what it feels like to be a kid again.  I'm glad I found this song again.

(The video in the link is better quality than the video embedded below)

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Catherine said...

What precious memories this very special day holds. How wonderful that you now have a song to help transport you back there on those days when you just need a little extra love.