Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mini Get Away

This year I was told I had to take time off because I had too much time banked.  Rather than mope around the house, we decided to head down to Las Vegas.  Neither one of us are gamblers but there's so much more down there than just the casinos.

We went shopping at the outlet mall, my goodness the deals were amazing!  We went to one the Cirque du Soleil shows called Ka at the MGM.  The show was spectacular, I would recommend it to anyone.  We also were able to meet with an old friend of Shawn's who happened to be in Vegas at the same time as us.

The weather wasn't great, it rained a bit.  But it was better than at home.  At least there wasn't snow and it was above zero so it was all good.

Here are some of my favourite pictures.

Even Jinx enjoyed her mini vacation at daycare.  She was exhausted by the time she got home from playing so much.


Two Kayaks said...

Looks like a great way to spend some time off!! J. and I were down there a couple of years ago and it was definitely a memorable experience!!

M and M said...

Welcome home!

I have never been to Vegas - it is definitely on the list.

Love the picture with the M&M!!

Michele said...

It does look like a good time. I hope to visit there one day my self.