Monday, December 13, 2010

My Bed

My bed is my greatest friend and my greatest enemy.  What do I mean by that?  I'll explain.

The winters in this particular city are particularly long.  The sun doesn't come until well past 8:00 AM and it's dark by 5:00 PM.  So when it's one of those cold, dark mornings and the alarm clock rings so very early in the morning, I love to have those extra 10 minutes and just snuggle under my duvet with my flannel sheets.  Especially when I've had a good night sleep where a dog or husband has not woken me up.  That is when my bed is my greatest friend.

Unfortunately, those good deep slumbers usually elude me.  Most nights, I am in bed tossing and turning as I try to find that elusive sleep.  Once I do get to sleep, I usually wake up, sometimes it's because of Jinx, sometimes because Shawn has come in after me, sometimes for no reason at all.  Then of course, it takes a couple of hours to get back to sleep and once again, the alarm goes off before you know it.  That's when my bed is my greatest enemy. 

I've done everything to make our room more conducive to sleep.  We don't have a TV or computer in our room.  I have the humidifier on to create white noise.  I have a great mattress and pillows.  I make Shawn turn down the TV in the living room when I go to sleep.  Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't.  I guess I will keep trying new things to see what will work to help me sleep better and make my bed my greatest friend.

Here's a picture of Jinx, just because she's so cute.

As an aside, last week marked our 4 year LIDiversary.  I debated about whether I should write about how we've been taken for a ride but I chose to talk about my bed instead.


Two Kayaks said...

I do puzzles in bed to take my mind of the crazy thoughts that keep me awake. Sometimes I play solitaire on the ipod. It has helped me sleep.
Your bed looks very lovely.

3D said...

I love your bed and I love my bed. It is crowded but still a fave. I hope that you find sleep easier.

Keep smilin!

Jen's Follia said...

What a beautiful bed you have and a calm room, no clutter. I meditate about 20 minutes before I hit the pillow, I do not get more than about 6 hours per night. Rest your mind if you can, concentrating is the worst thing. Rest with meditation.

Michele said...

I sure hope you find a way to get more zzzzzs. And writing about your bed is definitely more positive than the LID anniversary. Big hugs.