Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday Thoughts

  • I was asked last week if Monday Thoughts would be a regular feature and I think it will.  At least this way I will blog at least once a week.
  • Today we had a snowstorm.  My bus hit a car on the way to work.  Not high impact, it seems that it slide into the car. We had to get off to wait for another bus.  I was seriously tempted to just go back home. I didn't.  Then going home the bus had to take a detour because of an accident.  Gotta love winter.
  • This weekend we went to Banff.  I love it there.  There are very few things I like about where I live but the mountains is one of the things I love.  It was a lovely day to go, not too cold, it was sunny and there were snow capped mountains.
  • This weekend we are going to a wedding in our neighbouring province.  The wedding is on a mountain. Outside. In the winter.  Who does that?
  • Glee was on last night.  It's on tomorrow night.  This makes me happy.
  • I have not had a C0ke in four weeks.  
  • Shawn will be travelling again soon for work.  I did not sign up for this when he took on this job.
  • I have to get new boots.  My old ones are starting to let in water.  I've only had these for a couple of years.  I do however wear them for almost 9 months in a year.
  • Here are some pictures from our trip in the mountains.

Lucas and my sister Isabel after Lucas' ski lesson.

Skiing down the mountain in triumph.

Isabel, Jacob and me at Mt. Norquay.

Mt. Rundle

Jacob on his sled.

Another mountain.

Mark trying to pull Shawn on the sled.

My adorable nephew Jacob.

And me.


Catherine said...

Beautiful pics...especially the one of you!

M and M said...

I like that you are going to blog each week. It gives me a little peek of your life out there.

I think I would have crossed the street and took a bus home.

I too love Banff - I have been twice and would like to go back.

Enjoy your wedding!! Take pictures

I watched Glee yesterday - it was too late for me. I am glad it makes you happy

I am IMPRESSED at the lack of coke intake.

Sorry that Shawn is travelling so much. You should lock the doors and not let him leave!

I need new boots too - mine are water tight but VERY fugly!

Lovely pictures!

Anonymous said...

You are so pretty and happy in the picture.
Who got the snowball thrown at them?

Two Kayaks said...

I also love the Monday bullets post. The pictures are awesome and you do look happy!

Anonymous said...

Thought blogs are a great thing. I am back on FB. Can't find you!! Will keep trying. What a beautiful family all around. You bus to work? I wish I could! The snow will all melt away soon ~

Michele said...

You've got a lot more grit than me. I couldn't live where I'd have to wear boots that long.

3D said...

That looks a lot of family fun!!

Keep smilin!