Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday Thoughts

  • I am happy.  Things are going well for a change.
  • The weather has been bad lately.  For almost three weeks we've been below freezing and with windchill it's been -30 cel. or colder.  I need for spring/summer to come soon.
  • Our neighbour across the street sold their house.  Our next door neighbours are also selling their house.  I hope they get a good price, that could only be a good thing for us.
  • I've been using the elliptical regularly.  I don't think it's making a difference yet.  I didn't weigh myself before I started using it and I have no intentions of getting on one now.  I will measure my progress by how my clothes fit.
  • We are keeping a food journal for Jinx.  She's been getting up a few times at night which is not normal for her.  We're going to see if we can figure out what's causing her to get up at night.
  • I mentioned before how I love Jinx's daycare because of the way they take care of her when she's there either for the day or overnight.  I love them more because they have dogs that they foster, including puppies.  
  • I've come to the conclusion that human beings suck.  Dogs and cats are much better.
  • Below is a picture that I took this summer while we were at Peggy's Cove. No touch ups.  I hope you like it as much as I do.


M and M said...

I am happy that you are happy!

I too need spring to arrive. However, I have heard that it is going to be a cold, wet spring.

Hope the neighbours got a good price for when you sell and move home.

The elliptical is a torture machine.

I hope Jinx is o.k.

I think it is great that Jinx goes to daycare!

Most human beings do suck, however, there are a few good ones out there!

It is a beautiful picture - postcard material!

Catherine said...

I'm so glad you're doing so well!! It's been a long, cold winter for you. You need a break my friend and I pray miracles happen soon for you!

Beautiful pic. Takes me to a happy place too and makes me think of a yummy lobster dinner.

Miss you!!!

Two Kayaks said...

I, too, am happy that you are happy!

I would die in that cold weather.

Can you find their houses on MLS to see what they are going for?

I like your idea to go by the way your clothes fit. The scale scares me.

I hope you can figure out what is going on with Jinx. No fun.

Jinx's daycare is the best!!

Yes, I don't like people. Animals, yes. Humans, no.

That is a GORGEOUS picture. Should be on a postcard!

I like these Monday thoughts. :)

Juliette said...

I like this picture very very much! Just hope I could have seen it with my own eyes as it looks really amazing and peaceful.

So glad you are happy and things are good despite the long winter.
I hope Jinx is just feeling spring coming and wakes up because of it.

Have a good week!

3D said...

I am happy for you happiness.

Winter is stupid and needs to be gone. NOW!

Yeah...hope the new neighbours are good ones and not stupid heads.

Send me some of your workout motivation please!

Sometimes Daisy would do that. A phase...but good idea for investigating. Not fun to wake up at 2am for a pee. Esp. when it ain`t you going.

What a great place!

I came to that conclusion too a long time ago. I hate people. I love you but the others...bug moi!

Nice! I loved spending time with you 2 this summer. Hope we can do it again one day!

Keep smilin!

Michael and Tammy said...

What an amazing photo - you need to frame that one for sure!!
Glad things are going well for you!

Anonymous said...

I am happy you are happy, that makes me happier. Perception is projection.

I love winter...(I will leave it there)

Are you moving back? ;)

Jinx is lovely. Did she have a bath?

I can't say I hate humans, I like you and my family and my other friends too much.

Peggy's cove is touch ups needed.

Anonymous said...

Happy is good.

The weather has been yucky here too but not THAT yucky.

You are so right what others get is indicative of what you will get when you come home.

You have an excellent view on how to chart your progress with exercise. Weight is not a good indicator.

Glad Jinx has a good home away from home.

* I've come to the conclusion that human beings suck. Dogs and cats are much better. Yes

Beautiful picture.

Michele said...

The picture is wonderful. It reminds me of places that I have seen in Maine.