Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What do you...

What do you listen to on your iPod when working out or going for a walk?  I'm always looking for uptempo songs to plug myself into when I'm on the elliptical.  They don't have to be happy, just have enough of a beat to keep me going.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated?  There are days I have a hard time getting out of bed, never mind go to work, exercise, etc.

What do you use for facial moisturizer?  It's very dry here and I'm thinking that I should start using something.

What do you get for the husband who's birthday is coming up and has everything?  Shawn's birthday is in a few days and I have no idea what to get him.

What do you read when commuting or travelling?  I have a few books to read but I'm always looking for something good to read.

What do you do to help you sleep?  As I've mentioned before many times, sleep is very elusive for me so I'm always trying different things to help me sleep better.

What do you do when you have nothing to blog about but try to anyways?


Kayce said...

Anything from the 80's gets me motivated to workout but sometimes I need a little Eminem. Bad I know!

I use Aveeno Radiant Glow I think it's called. Love it and I've used it for years. I'm a no frill girl though.

I'm completely and totally into Pearl S. Buck right now and right now I'm reading God's Men.

Sleep is awful for me!! I really like Nature Made Sleep. Otherwise I read until I fall asleep. :)

Good luck on the birthday gift...would love to know what you get Shawn since I can never figure what to get Mike.

As for motivation...yours is coming SOON! :)

Catherine said...

Not sure I'll be much help for the iPod question as I normally listen to talking books that I borrow from the library. Not a fan or working out so I like to get lost in a book to pass the time.

Motivated to exercise? Ummm...can't answer that one. Motivated to face each day is knowing I'll be spending time with Hannah. While I waited it was knowing that each day brought me one day closer to her. The wait seems forever for you but one day my friend I truly believe you'll look into the eyes of your daughter and know that you'd start the wait all over again for her.

What about a hot air balloon ride for Shawn? Your city seems to feature these and I'm sure being so close to the mountins the view would be amazing! Now, if you're not a fan of heights I'll have to think of something else.

Books to read? I prefer fiction and like the author Karen Kingsbury.

Sorry, can't really help with the sleep question. I'm thankful to sleep well. The only suggestion I have is if it's a matter of over-thinking (which is what happens when I'm not able to sleep) I find the TV on very, very quiet (not really even able to hear words) offers enough distration for my mind to rest and go to sleep.

Hmmm...blogging. I find it interesting when friends put up an 'Ask Me A Question' post. It's fun to learn more about our friends.

Catherine said...

Oh yah. Moisturizer? Mary Kay! Our friend M can hook you up!

Janet said...'s my two cents....:-)

1) I watch t.v. when I am working out, so I can't really help there. Sorry! But I love Paul Simon, Corb Lund, even Neil Diamond! I sort of like a lot of different kind of music. :-)

2) Facial moisturizer....I use whatever I see on the shelf that looks good. I try to get an AHA one because that is supposed to renew your skin or something like that. But I have awful skin, so perhaps you shouldn't take my advice on that. :-)

3) I got Anthony an E-Reader, but I think you guys already have one?

4) Read "The Book of Negroes" by Lawrence Hill. OH.SO.GOOOOOD!

5) Oops. Missed the motivated question. I guess I just make myself, even when I don't feel like it. But the truth is, I like working out now. I mean, REALLLY like it. I miss it when I can't. I love the feeling of being strong and able. And I am always hoping that it will wear off some of the crap that I eat that I really shouldn't eat....;-)

3D said...

I am loving Glee music to get my feet moving. Usually dancing in my living room is the max workout for me.

It is hard some days...for me, knowing that today is a new day and tomorrow is over with helped me a lot.

I swear by Nivea. The lighter version. My whole family uses it...Daphne now too!

I like the idea of an adventure present or a cool gadget for him to play with. Ipad?

I have a pile to tackle so I am no help.

Finding sleep is not a problem. It is getting enough of it that is the issue. Going to bed early for me is what I need.

I barely blog I got nothing to add. I just am not feeling it.

Keep smilin!

Mark said...

Ok here goes

1. I like the 2010 & 2011 Grammy Nominees Records (are they still records) there is a mix of everything - that Katie Perry has some good lyrics

2. I look forward to the weekend and pay day

3. I have very oily skin so I don't need a moisturizer - but Catherine is right M can hook you up with Mary Kay

4. I don't have a husband I have a wife BUT I would so love a RMT appointment or a mani-pedi - DO NOT JUDGE - someone rubbing your feet can be a good thing!! OR an LCBO gift card now that is a present!!!

5. I CANNOT read in anything moving - I throw up (too much info) HOWEVER those Swedish Girl books were AMAZING!!!

6. I sleep GREAT now that I a have a CPAP machine - maybe you have sleep apnea - who should get tested?

7. I do not have a Blog but I like reading yours!!

M and M said...

I don't much listen to the radio anymore. I enjoy silence when I have the opportunity to experience it.

I don't ever have a problem getting out of bed in the morning. I am a morning person. You can get one of those light things that brighten up the room before the alarm goes off so you don't have to wake up to a dark room.

MK is a FANTASTIC moisturizer. i have super dry skin.

I can think of a few things Shawn might like, but I probably shouldn't write them down here.

I like to read 'beach books' They are easy read, trashy novels. I am such a scholar!

Sleeping - talk to your doctor. Change your pillows, new ones, firmer, softer, cooler temperature in the room??

When I have nothing to blog about, I generally don't blog.

Anonymous said...

I listen to Shaggy – Eminem only - yup. Or I listen to one of my spiritual teachers – doing a lecture. (I am weird, sorry)

This is a hard one for me too but I keep telling myself I want to be around when I am older. I have things to do still.

I have always used Oil of Olay moisturizer. My grandmother bought it for me when I was in my teens because she used it (she is 98 this year and looks about 70)

I would write him a long letter expressing things about us and I would buy him underwear, we always all need underwear.

I just finished the Butterbox Babies. It was good, clear and interesting read.

I take an aspirin now about an hour before and well, I |”pray” and talk to Him.

Write the gratitude in your life. Write about those childhood memories that were so enriching and positive. Write about those thoughts of desiring. Focus outside of yourself and thing of that which is around you and express your thoughts.

Michele said...

Everyone here already offered better ideas than I can com eup with at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I watch TV while I work out, otherwise I get bored and stop.

Don't use anything on my face, sorry.

For his birthday I would take my husband out for a special dinner then a romantic walk then.....

I listen to audio books so it is right now I am listening to The Afgan Campaign but it isn't everyone's cup of tea. It is about the original Afgan war, the one Alexander the Great waged.

To help with sleep I use something called Midnite it is lavendar, melatonin and something else. I like it because it helps but doesn't interfere if I have to get up with the baby. Doesn't leave you drowsy the next day if you take it at 3 am.